Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I hears the Habs are playing at Lambi: Picks for April 26th-May 2nd

Huge act at the Bell Centre tonight, if you really want to know the must-see this week. The Habs, currently touring in support of their latest release, Carolina Hurricane Sweep, are back in town on Friday, too. There may be a few more shows in May if we're lucky.
Of course, once those shows are over (by, say, 10 pm) there's still plenty of fun to be had. For starters, the Dears aren't playing tonight at Club Lambi with Laura Barrett and JF Robitaille. Or are they? Actually, you want to know the truth? I have no fucking clue. Carefully orchestrated promotional gimmick? Ha. Sometimes it's just a question of—to take a page out of Wolf Parade's book—"not having a fucking clue what we are doing". I still don't know who the hell Myspace's Thx For the Add Claudia was. Bottom line is, there are no insiders. The center is everywhere.

Now where were we? Oh yes, well if tonight's Lambi offering isn't to your taste, you can always try the Isis show at Le National. My pick of the week, though, goes to Thursday's Friendship Cove affair. Wolf Parade's Dante DeCaro will be presenting his band Johnny & the Moon (that's Dante, Arlen and Hadji from Wolf Parade, if you're keeping score). You can hear an exclusive track from the Johnny & the Moon album on the latest episode of the PopCast. The record is a pretty engaging collection of mountain-song sing alongs that have been given interesting percussive twists with occasional bells and chains. It's traditional but contemporary, rural but urban, and a fantastic listen. Dante's currently working on releasing it himself on a new label. In addition to Johnny and the Moon, Les Angles Mort's Brendan Reed will be performing (with others, presumably...) as Noh Cars Go. A former member of the Arcade Fire, Reed certainly has some claim to the spin-off name, whether tongue-in-cheek or no. And that seems to be the trend on this night, as Graham Van Pelt also appears, not as Miracle Fortress, but as Fort Miracle. Maybe he'll be playing the songs backwards? Show up early for Matt Shane's vernissage...

You'll also want to be at the Friendship Cove on Saturday night, as We're Marching On are in town and will be playing with Pop Offers The Lovely Feathers, and a special surprise act. Don't worry, if you miss the surprise, you'll still be able to catch them the following week. Here's a hint: it's not the Dears.

Friday is a big night, and not because the Habs are in town again. The Hot Springs play Le Va et Vient, Sub Pop's Chad Van Gaalen is at Club Lambi with Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt, and Shoot the Moon are at the Main Hall. Take your pick.

If anyone else is in Section 121 tonight, come say hi.


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