Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Episode 1: The PopCast is born!

Ok here we go, don’t look back. The world may be veritably falling apart like a mouth with a set of long-neglected cavities, but don’t let that dissuade you from indulging your sweet tooth for music. If there’s one thing we can take solace in as the sins of the corporate ogres are wrought upon the poor and innocent of this planet, it’s that music and the independent creative spirit has always endured and served as soothing redemption in the face of massive catastrophe and unspeakable crimes. I can tell you one thing: New Orleans was a swinging town before this; you’d better believe that there are kids down there right now, picking up instruments of all kinds, and sewing more mighty seeds of that bottomless bounty we call music.

And it’s in that spirit that I'm proud to present you with the first ever official PopCast: a series of podcasts bringing you all things Pop Montreal between now and through until the end of the festival. You can access all that goodness either here, or at the Pop Montreal zine.

But enough of this textual madness—why write it out when you can say it; sing it; scream it into a microphone? More to come, lots of it. Enjoy!

PopCast Episode 1
In this episode:

PopCast explained, The Lolo Project, Telefauna, Mandatory Moustache, Man Man, Puces Pop, Tokyo Police Club, the Winks, Timber.


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